Seminar Programme

2015-16 Programme

All seminars took place in Senate House, University of London.

9th October: Jan Haywood, Character and Motivation in Aeschylus’ Persae (room 243)

30th October: Guido Petruccioli, Collecting and Trading Antiquities in early modern Italy (room 243)

13th November: Michael Hanaghan, Narrative Time in Three Epistles of Sidonius Apollinaris (NB: room 234)

4th December: Alessandro Poggio, Dynasts in Action. Art and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean under Achaemenid Rule (room 243)

15th January: Myrthe Bartels, The Unity of Aristotle’s Notion of Political Friendship?  (NB: room 234)

5th February: Lars Heinze, The late success of early Hellenism: some observations based on the pottery from Priene (room 243)

26th February: Almut Fries, Strangers in the Night: Indo-European Perspectives on Iliad 10 and the Rhesus Attributed to Euripides (room 243)

18th March: Ellie Mackin, ‘Well-played, Fluttershy…’: Defeating Discord and Dragons in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (room 243)


Below is the Spring 2015 programme.

All seminars took place in room 246, Senate House, University of London.

22nd January: Edmund Stewart, Euripides in Italy: the case of Melanippe Bound

29th January: Fabio Tutrone, Seneca on the Nature of Things: Moral Concerns and Matter Theories in Natural Questions 6

5th February: Lucy Jackson, The Chorus in Fourth-Century BCE Comedy

12th February: Marek Verčík, Did Hoplites rule the Mediterranean? An archaeological investigation of the connection between the Greeks and the Balkans

19th February: Elena Giusti, The Enemy on Stage: Rome’s invention of Carthage

26th February: Giulio Iovine, The queen in tears. A century of Sophocles’ **Εὐρύπυλοc (1912-2012)

5th March: Yukiko Saito, A Luminous World in Antiquity: A Study of ‘Argos in Homer’s Iliad

12th March: Andrew Roberts, The Rival Kings: Politics, Alexander the Great and the English Restoration


Below is the 2013-2014 programme.

All seminars took place in Senate House, University of London.

11 October: Katie Low, Civil War and Autocracy in Annals 1-6: Romans, Foreigners and metus hostilis (room 246)

18 October: Alexandra Sofroniew, The Origin of the Lares: from Votive Statuettes to Household Gods (room 246)

25 October: Kleanthis Mantzouranis, Reconstructing a Cultural Ideal: Aristotle’s Virtue of ‘Greatness of Soul’ (room 246)

1 November: Dániel Kiss, The Neoteric Generation (room 246)

8 November: Cara Sheldrake, History, Identity and Independence: Children’s Time-Travel to Roman Britain (room 246)

22 November: Hallie Marshall, On the Book Trade in Fifth-Century Athens (room G37)

29 November: Kathleen Hamel, Vivam … Ovid’s Continuing Survival in Twentieth-century France (room 246)

6 December: Stephe Harrop, The End of the World? On the Wall with Rudyard Kipling and George R.R. Martin (room 246)

17 January: Diana Rodríguez Pérez, Image and Practice in Ancient Greece: The Case of the Athenian Plemochoai (room 246)

24 January: Alan Ross, Syene as face of Battle: Heliodorus and Late Antique Historiography (room 246)

31 January: Theodora Jim, Seafaring and ‘Saving’ Gods in Ancient Greece and Early China (room 246)

7 February: Andrew Roberts, The Greatest Captains of their Ages: Alexander the Great and John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722) (room 246)

21 February: Helen Slaney, A Dilettante’s Guide to Classical Reception (room 246)

28 February: Alessia Dimartino, Palaeographic Analysis and Historical Perspectives on Greek Honorary Inscriptions from Ancient Sicily (room 246)

7 March: Ellie Mackin, Little Korai: Persephone-Imitation in Marriage and Death in Early Greek Cult (room 246)

14 March: Aikaterini Kolotourou, The Crafted Beat: Shields, Tympana and Symbolic Transformation in Early Iron Age Crete (room 246)

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