Note to Speakers

Information for Speakers

Before you give your paper

We will email you two weeks prior to your paper in order to confirm your title and abstract in case you wish to make any final alterations, and to ask if you require AV equipment, e.g. a digital projector for slides. We will ask that you let us know at least a week in advance if you require handouts but are unable to print them yourself.

The day of your paper

One of the committee will meet you 15 minutes before you are due to speak (i.e. 2.15pm) at the Reception in Senate House (or at the room itself, if you prefer) to get acquainted and help you set up for your talk. Due to time constraints we ask that you please ensure your paper does not run over 45 minutes, otherwise we may have to cut you off!

After your paper

There will of course be cake provided, but we also warmly invite you to join the group for a visit to the pub later that evening, in order to continue both academic and friendly discussions!

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